My Favourite iPhone Apps!

No matter what phone you are using, I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of applications that you use almost everyday in your life. If you browse through your app store, you’ll find over a million application waiting to be installed to your device.

I’ve been using my iPhone for a year and a half and ever since I got it, I’ve always had the same applications as they are very helpful and efficient. So here are the five applications that are almost my all time favourite.

  • Wundlogo-bigerlist 

if your life is as scattered as mine then you will definitely love this application. Wunderlist is an application that helps you orgwunderlistanise your thoughts and ideas. Whatever comes to your mind, you can do it on Wunderlist. Wunderlist comes in very handy especially when you work on projects like I do or when you want to travel, if you h ave work that needs to be done today, Wunderlist will keep reminding you of what you have to do or what you have to pack for your flight. Wunderlist can also remind you of the what you want/need to buy the next time you go shopping for clothes or groceries.

  • allwomenstalk unnamed 

I would categorize this application as “lifestyle”. This is one of my favourite applications because you can find blogs regarding literally whatever you want, whether it’s fun breakfast ideas, makeup ideas, how to cope with stress or new years eve ideas you will definitely find it there, all you have to do is search. Also, you could be part of allwomenstalk by creating an account, once you create an account you can start writing blog posts and posting them for everybody out there to read. I always like to browse through this application late at night before heading to sleep, or whenever I feel like I need to get inspired.


  • Litely

Litely is known to be created by Cole Rise the famous photographer who waicon175x175s responsible for creating some of instagram’s most used filters;that alone tells you what the application is about. It is the best new photo editing application for iOS. Apple itself carried heavy promotion for Litely as it was considered as one of the “best apps” and “Editor’s Choice”. It is one of my favourite applications because the idea behind it is bringing out the  natural beauty in the photos, without completely changing the photo. If you’re into photography, photos, Instagram and all these things like me then you MUST have this app installed today.


  • Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is an entertainment application that lets you know all the buzz that has icon175x175been happening worldwide. Once you install Buzzfeed you’ll be able to get to know life tips that you didn’t know you needed ,you’ll be exposed to amazing easy recipes, news from all around the world on all the topics that you’re interested in. Also, with only one tap you can share whatever news/life hack you want to share on all social media including facebook,twitter and instagram.Stay updated with what’s happening all around the world, install Buzzfeed.

  • Green Kitchen

I remember when I first installed this application, it was a year ago when I decided to “go green” and honestly ever sincGreen-Kitchen-Icone I installed it, I’ve been introduced to so many different vegetarian recipes that are super easy and delicious. So if you’re thinking of becoming a healthy person or a full vegetarian than you should probably install this application. This application also has an Instagram page, this is how I got introduced to it in the first place and Youtube videos showing you exactly how things are done the right way.

so that is pretty much  it, my five all time favourite iPhone apps!

If you installed any of these apps, let me know and comment down below your opinion of the app that you’ve installed.

Also, if you think there are more apps that everyone should know about, share your thoughts in the comment section below.



Throwing Back to the Worst Year

In almost a week, 2015 will FINALLY come to an end.
Personally, 2015 was one of the worst years that I’ve ever lived in my whole entire life. I thought that I lived bad years from before, but no, 2015 has been the worst.

It’s not a bad year because of personal incidents that happened with me, but because of the different wars happening in Arab countries and non Arab countries. We all know that problems in the world will never come to an end, we always face a new group of terrorists who bombard all people all around the world for different political reasons.

African Union Peacekeepers Patrol Mogadishu After Al-Shabab Militants Withdraw

I’m saying that because I still remember the first thing I said to my friend when the year 2015 started ”  I feel like this year will be a very peaceful year” apparently it was the exact opposite.


Just thinking of the many things that happened in 2015, the bad things are much more than the good things. For example, let’s go back to March, 2015 where more than 5,000 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine. Forget March 2015, what about South Sudan did you know that it is entering its second  year of a brutal civil war. Nigeria faced a terrible  brutal insurgency by the Islamist group Boko Haram and it has left over 13,000 dead and displaced some 800,000 people. The terrorist attacks that happened in Paris, France which left at least 130 innocent people dead on the ground. The bombardments that occurred almost everywhere in Palestine, the conflicts in Iraq, the two business ladies who somehow committed suicide in Amman, Jordan… It’s a whole entire list that I could type till tomorrow, a list of the people who died in 2015, the innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with war and politics, but they died. 0009fbd1-614.jpg

So you open  the Television, you probably try to avoid the news channel but because your dad or mom wants to watch the news and know what’s happening around the world, you’re forced to watch. You read the news that shows at the bottom, it says ” 1,000 people killed today” you switch back to MTV or some other channel, and you move on with your life because the people who died, the 1,000 souls that got bombarded at some public area  apparently mean nothing to you, they’re not your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, start watching the news, watch everything, listen & watch carefully, things are happening around you and you should start watching out before things happen TO you. The world is much bigger than an Instagram picture, a snapchat video or a facebook comment. Watching the news might be a bit depressing but it’s nothing compared to what others are suffering so AT LEAST show that you care by watching.

“You totally need to watch the news.”
“It’s too depressing.”
“Right, because hanging with dead people isn’t.”
Darynda Jones, Third Grave Dead Ahead

You Should Probably Go Sleep

People say, ‘I’m going to sleep now,’ as if it were nothing. But it’s really a bizarre activity. ‘For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I’m going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life.’

So many different things in our lives affect us in different ways.
Smoking for example, the harm that it does to our body is obvious. However, did you know that sometimes not having enough sleep can cause more harm to your body than smoking a cigarette ?


  • Not having enough sleep can lead to the following health problems:

Heart disease, heart attach, heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and stroke.Women-Heart-Attack.jpg

  • The less you sleep, the more depressed you will be!depression-05.jpg

Sleep loss often increases symptoms of depression and depression can make it more difficult to fall asleep. When people are depressed they will no longer be productive, they won’t be able to work and focus, which will affect studies/work.

  • The less you sleep, the faster you age

People who are sleep deprived have puffy eyes with dark circles and swallow skin. When you don’t sleep, your body keeps releasing different stress hormones. These hormones can break down your skin collagen which will eventually lead to aging skin.

Also, when we sleep, we grow as different hormones are released helping us to increase muscle mass and increasing skin strength.

  • Less sleep, more KGsWieght-Loss1.jpg

People that do not have a good amount of sleep often have an increase in hunger and appetite, craving high carbohydrate foods that adds a lot of weight. A lot of people who face problems with sleeping often end up suffering from obesity.

  • Negative Vibes

People who lack sleep usually have a very negative vibe. People around you won’t be happy that you’re there because you throw rude comments just because you did not have enough sleep. 7595b906a311af46e97096438d2f3604

now after I typed this, I need sleep.

I’d love to know what you think
Don’t forget to leave comments below regarding other affects that sleep has on the human body.

Have a goodnight!


Senior jackets now, Graduation caps& gowns in 6 months… #motivation #is #needed


If you graduated from high school, you’ll probably  know what I’m talking about.

Wednesday the 11th of November was a special day because we finally got out senior jackets.

You’re probably thinking, it’s just a jacket and everybody will have a senior jacket when they’re finishing high school but no it’s not. It’s not about the jacket. It’s about the fact that in 7 months we’re graduating from high school, starting a whole new journey. A journey that is different from any other journey that we’ve been through. After graduating high school, our lives will be spontaneous; we will be responsible for everything that we do & say. Mom and Dad will no longer be there the whole time. We’re actually growing up. 12233362_1518597328459461_177242385_n

I’ve always wanted to finish high school and move on to the next journey, but that was only when I had 2 more years of high school to finish. However, now that I only have couple of months left, the only thing that I want is the motivation to continue working hard.

Finishing up with internals, starting college applications, thinking of where we want to study and what we want to major in, creating a study schedule for the mocks, backing up our work, finishing CAS, starting TOK essays. We’re NOT almost done so here is how you stay motivated until the very last day.

  1. Stay positive

Easy to say, really hard to apply in life .But let’s face it, the more positive you are, the happier you will be. When you’re positive you’ll automatically have positive thinking which will help you concentrate much more on your studies. Also, you’ll be able to actually get things done. Learn how to push& motivate yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here

2.  Set realistic goals

You should set goals for yourself that you know very well if you work hard enough, you’ll achieve. You know yourself more than anybody else, so think about what you know you can achieve and go ahead, set it as a goal, the sky has no limits.

3. Take breaks

It’s not all about studying 24 hours a day. It’s not about skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner for books and I’m pretty sure it’s not about losing sleep for the sake of studying. Learn how to study with breaks, create a study schedule that has enough breaks for you to give a chance for your brain to breathe and absorb all the needed information. Go out on Thursdays, enjoy Friday mornings. Never forget to take a break.

See? senior jackets are much more than “jackets”

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions regarding senior jackets and this blog post as a whole.

9 things that I absolutely LOVE

Earlier, I have posted ” 9 things that I absolutely HATE” and some people who read the blog post felt negative, for this reason; I have decided to tell you about the 9 things that I absolutely love.
While thinking of ideas for this blog post, I have realized that I take a lot of time thinking about something that I ” absolutely love” however, the blog post about the 9 things that I absolutely hate did not take much time or thinking.. just sayin’

sooo I LOVE

  1. jc1hxptjd4vu9qlgcxzhPANDAS!
    I absolutely love Pandas and I don’t think I need a reason to love Pandas, however, other than the fact that they’re very cute, they are also peaceful vegetarians. Pandas are classified as a kind of meat-eater, however, in the wild they eat almost exclusively bamboo, and a lot of it. Also, Pandas remind me of .. well.. myself, they’re lazy animals, too lazy to do anything and need a really good reason and motivation to actually get up and move a distance.18a5kzrhxhqwvjpg
  2. Positivity: tumblr_lq92fjMIFe1r12ow7o1_500
    I love spending time with people who are always positive and that is simply because I’m not a positive person, at all. However, when people around me are positive, it spreads on really fast and then I become positive. “Being positive” is one of the many things I am working on, before 2O15 ends. Personally, I think that being positive is very important as having a positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the responsibilities of everyday life. It decreases stress and helps to avoid unnecessary worry, increases physical and mental well-being.
  3. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZAtumblr_nr2ws5L8Ff1rj2bmio1_400
    simply because there is no reason to hate pizza. I love pizza so much, I won’t mind having pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. HOT& CLEAR weathersunny-cloudless-sky-377x270
    which basically means  no clouds, no rain, no snow, no fog, nothing. Just a blue sky and sun.
  5.  ❤ PUGS<3Sad-pug
    I’ve always wanted a pug, since my 12th birthday. There are so many reasons that I can list right now, telling you why I love pugs, but the main reason is love at first sight: I saw a pug and I fell in love with it. I’m seriously considering getting a pug after graduation. (shout out to all 2016 graduates)
  6. YANKEE CANDLEStumblr_mai9x7F3Ct1rfu21ho1_500
    simply because they smell like heaven.
  7. Exercisingtumblr_mj3948yzrc1s6equro1_400_large 
    I exercise every now and then to be healthy and not to be skinny. Exercise time is my favorite time of the day, regardless what kind of exercise; It could be Tennis, Dance or gym, it’s all good. In the beginning of my “exercising journey” I was too lazy to get up and actually exercise but then I realized how positive and good I felt after exercise so the sweat is totally worth it.
  8. Teatumblr_inline_n0ortqaOZB1syth1w
    Tea has many advantages, for e.g: tea can help die away your appetite which is good news for people who are dieting. It can also help regulate cholesterol.
    It may help prevent certain cancers, since it  has been known to fight tumors.
    A cup of tea may keep the dentist away. This is because tea helps fight cavities.
    Drinking tea helps boost the immune system due to its natural antibacterial properties it also contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of apple juice. And tea brings the family together.

    and last but not least,

  9. Raspberriestumblr_m2tz6lEeIm1qkabglo1_500
    if there’s no pizza, there better be raspberries.

Well now it’s your turn to tell me about the things that YOU absolutely love! Mention me or comment your blog post URL in the comment box below. #sharingiscaring #moreaboutyou

tumblr_m7zx1uYips1ro1hymo1_500HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Go for it, no questions.

go-for-itThe worst thing you can do to yourself is to question yourself constantly.
The constant questions like “who am I” might eventually make you lose your mind. It doesn’t have to be about you, no; sometimes it’s about other people like “Is he/she really a friend” or “Do I actually want to do this”.

Personally I believe, if you question things too much these questions will not leave any space for you to actually do and live.  The only thing that you will have is your thoughts in your mind and you can’t really share them with anybody else because it’s you doubting yourself, others will never really understand or take it as seriously as you do.

It’s quite challenging not to question yourself, especially when you have to take a decision regarding your future/present .Some people constantly question themselves because they’re afraid of making any mistake. Well, I’m sorry but you’ll never be able to live the perfect life you want to live, you will fall again and again, you will make so many mistakes and guess what? Your mistakes will teach you life lessons.

I think it’s sad that people are being hopeless out there, over thinking everything in their heads. Regardless of how many times you thought about it, you can still make wrong decisions.
it doesn’t matter, whether you make a wrong or right decision, what matters is how you act after taking the decision, will you be responsible enough to face the consequences?

It’s not about the number of mistakes you’ve made, it’s about how you’ve dealt with them.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” ― Vincent van Gogh

Don’t forget to #leave_a_reply ;I can’t wait to read your responses on that matter, share your response in the comment box below! #sharingiscaring #moreaboutyou

Men holding the phrase go for it. Concept 3D illustration.

The Power of Fruits


Bon après-midi

So recently, I have been eating a lot of fruits in a daily manner and for some reason, I decided to do research on  the main fruits that I have had, I was interested in knowing how such fruits can impact our bodies and in what way exactly, therefore, here are really awesome benefits of my favourite three fruits: Pineapples, Raspberries and Mangosteen.

  • Pineapple:

Pineapple_and_cross_section Pineapple’s are not just beneficial for our digestion, immunity and heart health. Pineapple’s are really good for our skin and hair.

1.  They act as a  solution for  acne; pineapples can be used on the face externally or internally (eating them) in order to get rid of the acne on one’s face. 

2. Pineapples give the collagen synthesis in your body a boost therefore it can make your skin look younger.

3. Pineapples prevent hair loss as they are full of vitamin C different amino acids.

4. Pineapples help in thickening of the hair;   There is an enzyme that is present in the golden-yellow pineapple that enrich hair follicles by spreading vital nutrients and vitamins.

  • Raspberries

Raspberries05 1. Raspberries are known as diet-friendly fruits, which means they promote weight loss and help lose more weight in less time. Also their sweetness helps to satisfy some cravings.

2. Antioxidant; Raspberries are extremely high in various antioxidants, which can help fight ageing and slow cancer growth by feeding on destructive free radical molecules in your body.

3. Raspberries are chemoprotective which means that they are fruits that help fight cancer and prevents the growth of tumours.

4. Because they are red in color, they have an element which increase the blood’s performance and the heart’s performance.

  • Mangosteen

Mangosteen11. Mangosteen  helps maintaining intestinal health, neutralize existing free radicals (which means it’s an antioxidant), maintains a healthy immune system, support cartilage and joint function, supports a healthy seasonal respiratory system and relieve minor muscle pain after exercise.

2. Promotes weight loss; Intake of mangosteen is a widely used orthodox method for losing weight

3. Reduces Cholesterol

4. Repairs damaged/infected cells.

These were simple and clear benefits of my favourite three fruits.

Start benefiting from these fruits, have a fresh fruit salad for a snack, challenge yourself to intake a certain amount of fruits per day, or just have fruits for breakfast or as a snack after/before breakfast/dinner.

Do not hesitate to create your own article on the benefits of YOUR favourite fruits #moreaboutyou
Here are the resources: